Retrieve cloud recordings without date range filter

I noticed the cloud list recordings and get recordings for an account both seem to apply pagination on top of a date range filter. It would be helpful if we could retrieve paginated results without requiring a date range (so that the latest or earliest results are available without querying month by month).

It seems like pagination is combined with the 1 month limit that the list all recordings endpoint has so neither endpoint at this time is really able to retrieve a longer date range than 1 month (the pagination appears to be applied on top of the default date range, so if no dates are provided, results from 1 day are paginated, while providing a date range maxes out at 1 month, and those results are then paginated). Likewise, if no date range is provided, but a pagination filter is applied, the default 1 day limit is applied.

Right now, if I want to show the most recent recording for a user, and let’s say their last recording was 9 months ago, I’d need to iterate through 9 API calls just to get that first set of recordings.

Not an error, feature request

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

  • /users/{userId}/recordings
  • /accounts/{accountId}/recordings

Thanks for writing this up @mokutsu! I second this feature request. It feels redundant / awkward to specify both a date range and a page. It would be great to just do sort_by start_time and then do pagination.

I’m planning on writing my own wrapper around the Zoom API to this format.

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