Retrieve participants list requires business account


This is very easy. I want to list all participants in an active meeting and then apply actions. Those actions are there, but needs two or more clicks. That’s why I need my own app


When using reports, it says “the meeting is not ended”. When using metrics, it says “you need higher account”

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

JWT, Webhook, Php, Curl

Which Endpoint/s?

metrics and reports

Additional context

In the official app, you have a button called Participants. When you click it, then it displays a window with the participants. Then you can move mouse and do some actions

Some of this actions already exist, but need two or more clicks

1- I want a wider list. I mean, with two or three columns
2- When spotlight somebody, I want at the sime time unmute that person
3- When spotlight somebody, I want at the sime mute everybody else
4- Want to pin people
5- Want to filter “all non muted people”

When writing this, I think on spotlight two persons at the same time and switch them by active sound

Hey @sunco007, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

The Get Meeting Participant Reports is only for meetings that have ended.

To use the Get Meeting Participant Dashboard endpoint, you need at least a Business account as stated in the docs.

Let me know if that answers your question. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. My english is bad, this is why I didn’t express myself very well

I know what you told me, my question is, why? For me, list all participants is very basic, dunno why need the meeting to be ended or a business account

Without that, I can’t continue developing the stuff I mention at the end

Is this the same with .Net? The easiest/fastest way for me is using the REST API, but can use C# too. I mention this because in some sample I see there is an interface with participants

Hey @sunco007,

It is a basic feature, but with our pricing it is included in the business or higher plan.

You could also use Webhooks to track participants which don’t require a business plan.


Didn’t think on that way. Would I be able to mute, spotlight, etc?

Thanks in advanced

Hey @sunco007,

Please clarify: