Retrieve Recordings via API - Not found



I have hosted a meeting via API (Pro account )with  parameter  _ “settings.auto_recording”  => ‘cloud’  _ and tried to retrieved with below URL, but the response was 400. Please help me.




“code”: 3301,
“message”: “There is no recording for this meeting”


Hi Ammulekshmi, 

Can you provide the REST payload? Also, what is the account email or ID that associated to account?



Request Payload

Authorization : Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJFR3V6dVFYNFFFeXFQd21tdUFVeHp3IiwiZXhwIjoxNTMyOTQ2Nzg4fQ.SGqFaj3OJqSeZ891g63YFoxU84xPY1XvGiRdwFuoWPE


Account : (Pro account)




Hi Ammulekshmi, 

To confirm, you should be able to login into your Zoom account then go to My Recordings and should see all the recordings with meeting ID. Do you see a recording with that meeting ID in your Zoom account?




Thank you for your response 

  I can’t find any recordings under the Pro account, I have hosted  the meeting with  parameter _  “settings.auto_recording”  => ‘cloud’ _  and recorded the video using the zoom. Is anything else that I want to set in profile settings or in API (while creating the meeting)

One more question: How can I retrieve the chat in that sessions ?.

             Document found:




Using the pro account SDK keys, the host will create meetings via API. But the host email account belongs to a basic account under the pro account. Is it the exact issue. How can we retrieve the recordings from the parent pro account.


For Example : X is the Pro account user and have number of sub accounts like Y,Z
If meeting is scheduled by Y via API using X’s access key, how can i retrieve the recordings of sub accouunt, using X (Pro account)


Please help me its urgent 


Hi Ammulekshmi, 

You should be able to find your recordings in your Zoom profile account if you go to My Recordings. 

You can find a chat for a session using this API - 



Thank you for response Michael Purnell

I have already checked and login into Zoom account, but I can’t find any recordings initiated via API call.
The meeting’s host of our applications are created Via API with the basic account under this pro account and when they try to save the zoom recordings it automatically saves to the host local device instead of cloud server
Is anything else to do in profile and also we cant to store these recordings to HIPAA servers.

For Example, X is the Pro account user and has the number of sub-accounts like Y, Z as basic accounts
If the meeting is scheduled by Y via API using X’s access key, how can i retrieve the recordings of sub accouunt, using X (Pro account)
Is the host account should have a Pro account?. Please find the attached images.