Retrieving Zoom Whiteboard Information

Hey guys!

Had a question regarding the Zoom Whiteboard functionality. Is there any integration with the current SDK (web or Meeting) that allows us to get usage metrics or any live-data from it (either if it was utilized, who utilized it, if anyone made modifications to it, etc)?

If retrieving information is impossible during live meetings, is there any way to obtain usage (metrics, logs, etc) post-meeting either through some API endpoint or some other functionality? My understanding is that this data is lost once the meeting is finished, but wanted to confirm.



Hi @fede.busso95, thanks for using the dev forum.

It is possible to access information that can get you what you’re looking for through the SDK, but it is not a straightforward process or a feature that exists for this exact purpose. At a high level, you would need to follow our raw data documentation to start a raw recording, and then process the individual video frames from the shared content in order to detect when annotations have been added to the shared content.

This approach would not be easy to implement and would likely involve a heavy amount of image processing in order to identify annotations on the screen. I can’t say for certain whether or not any alternatives exist through our REST API, but it’s definitely worth posting over in #api-and-webhooks to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:


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