Return success but can not join meeting from ionic app

We are using the following plugin in our ionic mobile app.

and its version as follows : “@ionic-native/zoom”: “^5.36.0”

We are implementing it as follows :

app.module.ts :

import { Zoom } from '@ionic-native/zoom/ngx';
providers: [Zoom, { provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS, useClass: HttpConfigInterceptor, multi: true }]


import { Zoom } from '@ionic-native/zoom/ngx';
ZOOM_API_KEY = 'Uz17S00oiu836BdoYeKdcIdJ9TGh*****';
ZOOM_API_SECRET = 's1dLuqFZJvhtmIUaXrZdZwL******';

        private zoomService: Zoom) {

initializeApp() {
        this.platform.ready().then(() => {
            this.zoomService.initialize(this.ZOOM_API_KEY, this.ZOOM_API_SECRET)
                .then((success: any) => alert(success))
                .catch((error: any) => alert(error));

import { Zoom } from '@ionic-native/zoom/ngx';

    zoom_meeting_number = '81364711117';
    zoom_meeting_password = '858431';
    zoom_display_name = 'AAAA';
    zoom_options = {
        "no_driving_mode": true,
        "no_invite": true,
        "no_meeting_end_message": true,
        "no_titlebar": false,
        "no_bottom_toolbar": false,
        "no_dial_in_via_phone": true,
        "no_dial_out_to_phone": true,
        "no_disconnect_audio": true,
        "no_share": true,
        "no_audio": true,
        "no_video": true,
        "no_meeting_error_message": true

constructor(private zoomService: Zoom) {}

    joinMeeting() {
        this.zoomService.joinMeeting(this.zoom_meeting_number, this.zoom_meeting_password, this.zoom_display_name, this.zoom_options)
            .then((success: any) => {
                console.log('join success');
            }).catch((error: any) => {
                console.log('join error');

<div class="ion-text-center p-1">
            <h3><strong>Ongoing zoom meeting</strong></h3>
            <ion-button (click)="joinMeeting()">Join Meeting</ion-button>


After clicking on the “Join Meeting” button it goes to the zoom with loader and “preparing meeting” (screenshot attached). After that, it throws a success message and returns to our app.

Please help regarding it.

Anyone, Could help me out on this?

Please response. It’s Urgent.

Please go through this post

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