Reviewers told me to remove all the scopes except Zak token scope - App Marketplace Submission

Hello Admin, my app name is Widya Notulensi. In order to make our app working, we need the capability:

  1. to join other account’s meeting as a bot
  2. to be able to record the audio and save into raw audio
  3. to know the participants’ name

however the Zoom marketplace admin said this “From the video provided your App does not require Zoom authentication, therefore I do not see the need for all the scopes you are requesting. To complete what you are trying to do you only need the Zak token scope please remove the rest or provide detailed explanation in a test plan as to how they are being used.”

I ended up deleting all scopes and only Zak token scope exists. I am afraid if my app is alive, it cannot join + record

Hello @dani2

The Reviewer is correct, your App is not being authenticated via OAuth if it is a bot, therefore the only scope needed and being used is the Zak token that allows your bot to join meetings which gives you access to everything you need. I suggest testing to confirm to make yourself more comfortable but this is correct.

Regards, Kwaku