Rooms web based controller

when i launch the zoom rooms web based controller i get the error

Cannot connect to Zoom Rooms
Please contact IT for assistance.
• Make sure Zoom Rooms is signed in
• Make sure Zoom Rooms version is 5.1.0 or later
Controller Version: 5.1.0 (98.0318)

however if i first open the zoom rooms controller on my ipad (the native app) then the web based version will work? is there a way to get the web based version working without the ipad version first needing to be open?

Hi @adam4,

Have you ensured that you’re logged in to your Zoom account in the web browser before trying to open the controller?

This forum is really only for queries relating to the developer APIs/SDKs, and not Zoom room clients. For this particular issue, I would advise getting in touch with Zoom support by clicking the live chat icon in the bottom right at


Hey @adam4,

For questions about the Zoom Rooms controller functionality, please reach out to our Technical Support team here. They’ll be best suited to assist with this.


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