Salesforce Flow to Create Zoom Webinar Record - Does not call Zoom API

We have a process for our orgs internal users to submit Zoom Webinar requests. Upon submission of the internal flow form, the zoom_app__Zoom_Webinar__c record is created without error.

The Zoom account does not show the newly created webinar in our Zoom account.

Which App?
We have this marketplace app installed in our org and is working correctly without error.

Additional context
Verified that no API calls show up in the ‘zoom call logs’ section after creating a zoom webinar record in SF. I did notice that the “New” button is tied to ‘zoom__app:OverrideWebinarNewButtonForClassic’ visualforce page > which uses the ‘zoom_app__Zoom_Webinar__c’ as the controller.

Is there any insight from your end/code that you can help me identify if we can use the custom SF flow to create a ‘zoom webinar’ record in SF and have it create the webinar in Zoom? Maybe the ‘ZoomWebinarTrigger’ holds some insight into how the manual “New” action/button in Zoom Webinar SF Object actually makes it way over to Zoom?

Hey @cbackes,

Thanks for reaching out about this. As a first step, can you confirm that the associated Zoom account is on a Business or higher plan? The reason I ask is because your Zoom account must be a Business Plan account or higher to synch these features back to Zoom.

Let me know—thanks!

Hi @will.zoom - I show our account is Business (Named Host).

Hi @cbackes,

Thanks for confirming.

To confirm I’m understanding the issue correctly, you’re seeing the webinar created successfully in Salesforce, but not reflected in your Zoom account, right? If this is the case, can you check the following:

  • ensure the Webinar Host email matches that of the logged in Salesforce user
  • double check that your zoom/salesforce user mapping follows these instructions

Let me know—thanks,