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I completed with Zoom to SF integration in my org as per documentation Installing the Zoom App in Salesforce - Installation - Salesforce , unfortunately when I logged into zoom portal and schedule a webinar nothing been created in SF. There are no errors . I feel some is missing but what exactly no idea.
I’ve connected an APP trough jwt type all api keys are properly set.
When I go to Zoom Webinars no records there no sync
Thank you in advance.

Hi @ramik.allakhverdiev,

Thank you for reaching out about this—as a first step, can you confirm that you meet the following prerequisites for this integration?

  • Zoom account with Webinar license.
  • Salesforce domain for Salesforce Lightning.
  • The Salesforce administrator has configured Zoom Webinar Settings in Salesforce

Additionally, confirm that the email address associated with Zoom and Salesforce accounts have the equivalent of admin privileges.


Hi Will,

  1. Zoom account with Webinar license - checked
  2. Salesforce domain for Salesforce Lightning - checked
  3. The Salesforce administrator has configured Zoom Webinar Settings in Salesforce - checked
    Could you please clarify the email which is in use for Zoom also should be logged in Salesforce I mean with the same email?
    Thank you.

Hi @ramik.allakhverdiev,

Thank you for checking these points.

Regarding point 3, I meant that the admin on the salesforce account should also be an admin in Zoom.

If you’re still having trouble syncing meetings, can I kindly ask that you submit a ticket with us here, and include the following details:

  • Zoom account ID
  • Email address associated with admins in Zoom and Salesforce
  • Example Meeting ID

This will help our team to further assist.


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