SalesForce & Zoom Phone

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Salesforce integration and zoom phone

Description when enabling zoom phone in the salesforce admin portal, we get an error stating to check the API Key and Secret.

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The integration works until I enable zoom phone so the API details are correct.

Saved Enable Phone Message Fail. please confirm if you have configured the right API Key/API Secret

How To Reproduce
Click the Enable Zoom Phone for Salesforce in the Salesforce admin portal. Error populates after enablement.

Hi @amortiz ,

These guides, Zoom Community forum and Zoom technical support are the best bet for integrations like Salesforce. Integrations are not an area of focus on the developer forum :slight_smile:

I was told by zoom support that this was the best place to get my questions answered.
Zoom ticket number 16565675

I’ve read through the guides with my team but appreciate you sending those over.

I will try posting to the zoom community forum as well but I am seeing others here have the same issue and zoom team members aren’t offering any helpful advice. Just sending me to another place each time I follow their advice.

The app works fine until I try to enable zoom phones.

Appreciate your time

Hi @amortiz , thank you for relaying this information. I’ll look into everything further and will message you privately to get additional details. Hope to get everything resolved asap.

HI @amortiz , we’ve escalated this internally for you and you should be receiving the next tier of support via the same ticket. Please confirm if someone has reached back out :slight_smile: