Salesforce/Zoom Webinar Integration - syncing webinars created before authorising connection


I’ve set up the Zoom Webinar / Salesforce integration but I cannot see how to sync already scheduled (but not completed) webinars from Zoom → SF

Can anyone help please?

@james9 ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. The task of syncing created webinars is typically done in the Salesforce portal. Behind the scenes, the portal makes an API call to the List Webinar endpoint to populate that data in its UI. Have you checked their support documents for guidance on this?

List webinars

thanks @donte.zoom. Unfortunately, I’m just an SF admin so my understanding of API documentation is limited but, from what I can understand (on what you’ve shared) is that any ‘non-expired’ webinars can be displayed in SF. Great!

My question now is how do I trigger this sync of existing, non-expired webinars from Zoom → SF?


The sync will be initiated from Salesforce, as it would require making the API request to retrieve the already scheduled meeting. Could you provide any links to the Salesforce integration you’re using? I could then look for support documentation relevant to your goal. Additionally, a screenshot of the user interface, showing where this information would appear on the Salesforce side, would be helpful.


Its the AppExchange one - Using Zoom Webinars with the Zoom for Salesforce app - Zoom Support

When we create a new webinar it first through to SF fine. Clicking within ZoomConfig to sync doesn’t sync any webinars that existed before I authorised the connection though:

We also have the ‘Zoom Webinars’ tab but there is no option to trigger a sync

Import opens the SF import wizard but I can’t find an option to export a webinar as CSV to import?

@james9 ,
What happens when you click the “Here” text ? That looks like it should initiate the Webinar sync process.

It asks you to authenticate your account but doesn’t then sync any previously created events. We’ve tried this a few times

@james9 ,
Okay, then the issue is on the Salesforce side. I’d recommend submitting a support ticket or checking their support documentation.

@donte.zoom sure I will do

From Zooms side, should clicking that ‘here’ button sync everything in the Zoom account?

@james9 ,

I am unsure what function that button in the Salesforce UI performs, but it appears to be the one that should initiate the sync.

@donte.zoom okay, thanks very much for your help with this :slight_smile:

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@donte.zoom I’m on a call with Salesforce support right now and because the Zoom integration is done via a Managed Package, they have no visibility of the Zoom code in order to debug if/why a GET call is not being triggered.

Salesforce are happy to join a call with me + Zoom support so you can review things at the same time as them while we debug this issue

@james9 ,

Could you provide more details about this Managed Package? Do you have any links you could share? I’m unsure about the configuration of your account, but based on your objectives, you should make an API request to the Webinars endpoint to initiate the process of syncing past events. You can test this via the API independently to confirm that past events are returned in the API response. Regarding data ingestion, that would be handled by Salesforce, as the data will be populated and displayed in their Portal. Are there any errors you are seeing when you click the “here” button? If so, that would help identify what may be happening.


I’ve followed the instructions exactly. Creating a new webinar syncs fine, as do registrations.

Clicking ‘here’ in Zoom config does nothing - no errors in SF, no errors in Zoom

How would I go about testing the API independently? Would it be easier if we had a call?

I’ve been trawling various forums and spoken to someone who’s been through this same situation and it would appear that the Zoom Webinar Salesforce simply does not sync webinars that were set up pre-integration.

@donte.zoom please see the response from Salesforce Support:

"Hi James Tod

Greetings from Salesforce.

I have gone through the documentation provided (Zoom API ) and we can see that the API returns only Unexpired meetings .

Please follow the documentation and please check the expiration details and I have also confirmed from the logs that Salesforce is sending requests to the Zoom Endpoint but nothing is returning because as suspected yesterday only the Unexpired meetings are returned.

Appreciate your understanding.

Thanks and Regards

Now my response to them:

"Hi Suresh

Thanks for this.

The issue we are facing is with Webinars (not events) and it is not syncing Webinars that are not expired (assuming by expired we mean with a Webinar start date/time in the past?)

Just to be clear - it is not syncing webinars scheduled for the future that were created before the integration was set up between ZoomWebinars/Salesforce

I will share your response with Zoom too to see what they say


Are you able to shed any light on this?