i was installed sample-app to my server.
mode is CDN mode.
i was generated JWT key from zoom dev site.

http site shows ok. but it cannot using camera.
so i was connected by https, but browser shows ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR error code.

how to apply ssl key into my sample-app?

please give me about this.
i already checked it need openssl keys.
i hope to know how to appply this key to app.

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Your best bet would be to use something like ngrok to easily create a HTTPS tunnel with a valid certificate to your localhost.
You’ll get an externally reachable HTTPS-URL point to your local dev server.

Thank you.
that is good solution to me.
but i hope using ssl for everyone.

well, honestly, I guess you should get some more experience in HTTP / HTTPS servers in general and Node express / fastify specifically

Hey @frsjh,

Are you still having issues?

Thanks for your input @meetever-chris! :slight_smile:


thank you. @tommy
i can’t solve this.
i just want starting sample app with https.

Hey @frsjh,

Happy to help further. Can you please share screenshots and steps to reproduce the issue?