School Management System

I have School Management system
the roles of school

and I have multiple branch

I want to make live webinars/ online webinars

but i need to make teacher start the webinar and control everything in the webinar

so please advise

as webinar roles
Host - Co Host - Panelist - Attendee

What is the best practice to distribute Webinar roles to School roles

Hey @Ahmad,

Are you planning to use the Zoom API for this?


Hi Tommy ,
Yes i am developing new system which using the zoom webinar - I just got confused in the roles in the schools and the roles in zoom webinar

I want to give each role in school, role in zoom webinar


Teacher : will be panelist
but he can’t start or end the webinar himself and this is main problem for me

as it is not logic to make the manager start all the webinars as we can host about 40 webinar in same time

the logic is each teacher start his webinar himself .

Hey @Ahmad,

Gotcha thanks for the explanation. I suggest making the teacher the host of the webinar.


Thank you so much for replying

  • that is mean I have to purchase for each teacher pro account and purchase a webinar add-on ?
    for them?

in this case if i have 200 teacher in all branches , i have to purchase 200 pro account is that best practice ?

Hey @Ahmad,

Yes, I suggest each teach has a Pro account with the webinar feature if you want them to use webinar and have meetings that last more then 40 minutes.


Ok Thank you @tommy for help

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


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