SCIM on PingFederate Specifying License Type

I have configured PingFederate SCIM with Zoom. Creating users, modifying users, deactivating users is working, EXCEPT for license. In some of the API documentation for specifying the license “Type” I see the values specified as Integers to indicate the license. In other API documentation I see the values as string, however the string values do not correspond with the provided Example.

In my SCIM configuration I have specified “Licensed” and 2, but in neither case is the user created with a “Licensed” account nor is an existing “Basic” account updated to “Licensed”.

What are the required values, and data type, for specifying the Zoom license?

No Error message is seen in PingFederate. I am also not able to see the actual JSON post nor response, so I do not have any errors to be shared.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
SCIM Endpoint:

Anyone have a thought?

@tboone This sounds like a bug, are you able to share an example of the request that you’re making? I’ll review that and forward it to our engineering team if necessary.

Hi Max,

Here are the 3 URLs used to Create, Disable, Re-enable. I have also opened a case with PingIdentity. There are a few places I used asterisks to mask the values.

Create user

Disable User

Re-enable User

Hi, @tboone,

Thank you for sharing that example request. To align with our security commitments, I’ve redacted the example of the Create, Disable, and Re-enable requests. As an alternative, I kindly ask can you open a ticket with us directly by emailing Please include a link to this thread and any additional information you think will be helpful. From there, we can provide more personalized support for this matter.


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