Scope error while creating a meeting for a sub account


we are using zoom API in our project.

Following are the steps :
1.First we are creating a meeting (one-to-one) between teacher(meeting host) - (we have added teacher as a user in zoom dashboard) and student using Zoom REST API(Schedule)-
2.Teacher can start meeting from our admin panel (opening the zoom client) and student can start meeting from our website(student cannot start meeting before teacher). The student joins the meeting using the web sdk.

Now we have two users (hosts), so we want to create meeting for particular user(teacher as a host), for that we need to use API :{userId}/meetings ? From where will we get userId ?

We are trying to fetch users list,with following API but we are getting error:

Error : {“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:read:admin]”}

As specified in the error ‘not contain scopes’ so, we have tried to add the market place scopes and used the credentials of market place but still we are getting the same error (as mentioned above).

Can you tell me why this occurs, and how to handle it?
Also, please suggest the best procedure we have to follow for this.

Thank You.

Hi @Sneha_Arya,

When you created the app was this a user-level or account-level app?
Also, the best way to get the userID would be to use the List User API -