Scope Errors when Using Make Integration

I’m trying to setup an integration between Zoom and Notion using Make software. The idea is that I’ll catch a zoom recording (or meeting, I’ve tried that too), then using the Make automation, it should download that recording and send it to a specified page within Notion.

However, I can’t get anything to catch my recordings. I’ve setup 2 webhook apps to try to catch this, and made an API call.

For the webhooks, there are no errors. They just spin forever within Make.

However, within an API call, I’m getting the following scope error:
[4711] Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[cloud_recording:read:list_user_recordings, cloud_recording:read:list_user_recordings:admin].
Interestingly enough there’s not an option for the first one. But there is for the second one.
I’ve checked both of these, but still get the same error when making the API call.

As a heads up, I’m a Project Manager by trade. Not a developer. However, I did have my engineer confirm everything we setup correct between all apps and we are both stumped. I reached out to Make, and they wanted me to contact you after I’ve been back and forth with them all morning via email.