Scope missing when authenticating chatbot app

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
I am attempting to authenticate to my chatbot app as described here:

I have previously set up a chatbot app and set it up for local testing to my application’s test environment, and it works successfully.
I have now created another version of the app and configured my live environment to use it. However, when this environment attempts to authenticate, it receives an access token without the imchat :bot scope.
I think I have set up both apps identically in the Zoom developer/marketplace portal.
I can reproduce the error in Postman.

imchat:bot scope is missing.

How To Reproduce
I am following the process as described here:

Just for clarity - I am using the “Local Testing” method to test both chatbot apps.

After further testing I have confirmed that even when I receive a valid scope imchat:bot, a subsequent attempt to send a message using the returned access token
results in error
{"code":7004,"message":"Not authorized.","result":false}

so the issues are not directly related.

Could I please escalate this? The issue is preventing me from setting up my app in multiple environments and from preparing to submit it for the Zoom marketplace.
I’d appreciate a direct chat conversation or call if possible. thanks

Hi @conor.mccarthy
interesting. You were able to send messages with other apps that you created previously right?
I will send you a DM so I can take a closer look into this

If you’re encountering an issue with missing scope when authenticating a chatbot app, here are some possible solutions:

  1. Check the scope settings: Ensure that the scope you’re looking for is actually included in the scope settings for the chatbot app. Scopes are a way of defining what permissions the app has to access certain user data or perform certain actions. If the scope you need is not included, you may need to update the scope settings.

  2. Check the authentication process: Make sure that you’re following the correct authentication process for your chatbot app. Different chatbot platforms may have different authentication processes, so ensure that you’re following the correct one.

  3. Check the user’s permissions: If the missing scope is related to user data or actions, make sure that the user has granted the necessary permissions. In some cases, you may need to prompt the user to grant additional permissions.

  4. Contact support: If you’ve tried the above steps and are still encountering issues with missing scope, consider reaching out to the chatbot platform’s support team for assistance. They may be able to provide additional guidance or troubleshoot the issue further.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and solve the issue of missing scope when authenticating a chatbot app.