Screen Share and Camera should run together

I am using the Web SDK and I want the camera video of the host to be visible when he shares his screen. How can we achieve that?

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I have used the “showPureSharingContent”. It still shows only the shared screen andd not the video feed of the host.

The provided link by the bot is way to old and do not apply anymore.

Having your video working when you start to share your screen should be automatic as long as you enabled and activate/start your camera and video before sharing.

But one thing you have to know about the Web SDK is that it would automatically deactivate the video of the participant who screen share if it detect that there are “not enough” available resources to run both at same time.
Resource here means CPU: if the participant CPU is too low (not enough cores and/or not enough powerful)

Hello @nvivot

My Camera is enabled and activated as users who jin the meeting from Zoom application are able to see both my video and the shared screen. Users joining through Web SDK are facing the issue.

My Processor is Intel® Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.59GHz. Isn’t it resourceful enough?

Oh, interesting. So it’s definitely not coming from your CPU specs. (which looks fine by the way)

Which version of the Web SDK are you using ?

I am using Web SDK 1.7.8

Then you should start by upgrading to 1.7.10 and see the difference.

After that you should also try to upgrade to 1.8.0 but careful here as this new version introduce several UI and non UI bugs that has not been fixed yet, plus breaking changes in terms of host power management.

I have a live event going on. Please tell whether it can be implemented on version 1.7.8?

Hey @jainprabhash,

Can you please share a screenshot of the issue? Is it just the host who cannot see themselves when screensharing, or all the participants can’t see the host?

Thanks for your suggestions @nvivot! :slight_smile:


The host has joined from the Zoom Application. Only the participants have joined from the SDK. and participants can’t see the host when he shares his screen.

Hey @jainprabhash,

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the participants view where they cannot see the host?


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