Screen Share Showing Only WallPaper


Using Swift command

 let err = asController.startMonitorShare(screenArray[0] as! CGDirectDisplayID)

it succeeds and works fine on my machine but when I share the .app file of the application to my other Mac it shows only the desktop wallpaper and no other window is visible.

Nirav Desai

Hi @niravd, thanks for the post.

Which version of the SDK are you using? Can you please provide the SDK logs so that we can investigate further?


Hi @jon.lieblich
Thank you for your reply
how can I extract sdk logs from the .app file. The issue does not occur on my development machine but the other machine where I just install the .dmg file of the same application .

I am not sure how to figure the SDK version , the folder name I see as zoom-sdk-macos-5.5.12511-3.0420

Thank You

Hi @niravd,

You can find the SDK logs under ~/Library/Logs/${YOUR_PACKAGE}. The logs are stored locally on the machine that it is running on, and require you to set ZoomSDKInitParams.enableLog to true when initializing the SDK. You will know you have the correct file if it is encrypted.


Hi, I have checked this issue

This is the SDK version I am using v5.5.12511.0420

Every time I generate a new .dmg file and share it with the users, the privacy permission of screen recording needs to be removed and added again for screen sharing to work else it shows me just this wallpaper.

I think as the bundle identifier remains same the permission must be applicable to the new dmg release as well. Kindly guide me here.

Thank you

Hi @niravd,

Thanks for clarifying that this is an issue around permissions. This is known behavior with the SDK, and I am not aware of any solution better than removing the stale version of your application from the permissions manually as you have mentioned.


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