Screen sharing of videos issues

Include 3 to 10 participants in a meeting. The participant perform a screen-sharing of videos, Then the other participant noticed that the shared video was very choppy and the audio wasn’t always pulling through. Then, when they stopped screen-sharing their own mic/audio was cut off so they couldn’t be heard.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Hi, @dev.canapii,

Welcome to Developer Forum! First, I should note audio and video quality is highly impacted by the network status, can you be more specific about the issue? Do the participants have a good network connection? The latest version 2.4.0 also fixed some issues with audio and video - so please try updating to that, and let us know if you have any issues. You should know that there is now a statistics tab for audio and video in both Client and Component View. If the behavior persists, please share a screenshot of the statistics tab. This will help rule out if the issue is related to the network connection.

Meeting SDK for Web

Hi @donte.zoom,

Yes, the main issue was the unstable client connection and audio devices. We’re able to upgrade the Web SDK to ver2.4.0. We’ll get back here if we might be able to encounter the same issue.

Thank you.

Splendid! Thank you for the update @dev.canapii!

Hi, I was also facing same issue in videos but your solution helps me a lot. Thanks.

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