Audio and Video are not clear

When a participant is logging in from Zoom Web SDK, the audio and video are very erratic.

Web SDK version: 1.9.0

System config details: I5 8 GB Ram.

Sample Video Attached.

Hey @helloparent,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. When you see this issue, are others on the call able to hear each other as expected or does this happen for everyone one the call?

This could be related to the compute and network resources available to a particular participant or to your device. Have you had a chance to test the Web SDK on another device or network? If so, do you see the same behavior?


Hi Max,

It happens for a few participants in the call.

Also as I said earlier, it is not happening for all the users but a significant number of users. I believe this issue was fixed in one of the earlier versions but we are facing the same again. Please suggest what can be done.


Hey @helloparent,

Thank you for the update. First, I would try testing with our Sample Web App to see if you encounter the same behavior. If not, you can use that code as a reference when identifying any issues with the current implementation.

Using the Sample App will also ensure that you’re testing with the latest version (1.9.1) which may resolve the issues you’re encountering.

Please let me know if you see the same issues with the Sample Web App, that will help us to narrow down the cause.


Hey Max,

I am still facing the same issue now.
i had updated the version to 1.9.1,still the video and audio quality is irratic.The video also has lag and quality is also not good.
Also i am only using the meeting between two participants.

Hey @sahilshete04,

Thank you for confirming. Please send an email to with a link to this thread. In that email, please include Meeting IDs where you saw this, participants that saw this issue as well as a screenshot of any errors that you see in the browser console.

I’ll use that information to investigate further.


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