SDK App creation - don't want any redirection or interfering after user authenticated

Question is : I want to avoid user redirection after OAuth completed and it is mandatory while creating it.
Reference image as below,

Hello @vishwajeetbhosale

So the redirect urls are the urls that direct you to Zoom OAuth authentication, so it is required if you want to maybe create the tokens for the users and not have redirect urls you can use the server to server oAuth app type instead more information is here: JWT app vs Server to Server OAuth app

Redirect URL information: JWT app vs Server to Server OAuth app

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante , can we skip this information while creating SDK APP

Hello @vishwajeetbhosale if your looking to have it published on the marketplace No you cannot skip this.

Regards, Kwaku

@kwaku.nyante I don’t want to publish it, so How I can skip this stage

Hello @vishwajeetbhosale sorry please refer here: i think this is what your looking for.

Regards, Kwaku

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