SDK App reset needed


  My default SDK app is stuck registered as a user API and I only have access to user scopes. I was wondering if I could get the app reset.

Currently “View user’s zak token /user_zak:read” is selected and can not be removed.

Sorry, to be more precise, I need the app to be an account-level app not user. I was sent here via support for help.

@gmensching The SDK credentials provided are account-level credentials and there is only one set for your account.

After creating a Meeting SDK app type, you should see the following message when attempting to creat a new one:

Yes, I understand that
I have a Wordpress plugin that no longer works. It stopped working when someone on the team changed a few scopes. We’ve rolled it back but not sure if this is enabled by default.

View user’s zak token /user_zak:read

Should that scope be there? When I try to remove it I get the following

“You are unable to remove this scope because it is required by one of the features you have selected.”

You can mark this resolved. We figured it out.

I’m glad to hear you found a path forward! Just to keep the solution public, that scope is set by default when creating a Meeting SDK app type.