SDK footprint on testflight is 70 mb and not 14 as stated in documentation

I’ve released a testflight version of my app using the zoom ios sdk. While the documentation states the the actual compiled size on deployed devices should be around 14 MB the actual size is closer to 70 MB. I haven’t included the simulator and debug information. I’m not using bitcode. What am I missing?

Which version?

Hi Dror,

Thanks for the post. We have introduced a lot of new features, such as virtual background, so the size is larger than before. We will update the corresponding information in the documentation. Pardon the confusion.


Thanks for the prompt reply Carson.
We don’t really need the automatic background segmentation, we only need the voice and audio features. Can you please tell me what version of the sdk supported these features and did weigh around 14 Mb? I’ll downgrade to that version as we are topping the 150 MB limit set by apple (users get prompted to download app only through WIFI) and this is unfortunately a no-go for us.

Thanks again,


Hi Dror,

Thanks for reply. All available features included in the SDK cannot be decoupled. Unfortunately, we do not have any SDK that is around 14MB anymore. Apple has increased the “over the air” limit to 200MB last year:

Hope this helps. Thanks!