SDK Initialization Issue

A customer of ours is having trouble with the latest version of our app built with the Meeting SDK. While on their corporate network, the app fails to initialize the SDK. Other networks, such as mobile hotspots work fine. Also, the previous version of our app initializes without any trouble on that same corporate network.

Has something changed internally with the SDK that could account for the initialization failing on certain networks? Maybe the endpoints you use have changed?

SDK v5.12.2.9109 - initializes
SDK v5.16.1.16439 - does not initialize

Should also note, this customer is in Japan. I have not received any other reports of this issue.

Would it be possible to get a list of servers and ports that should be network whitelisted to aid with SDK initialization?

@vuzix_greg ,

5.12.2 should have stopped working on Nov 4th as the minimum version support is 5.13.5

Yes, I realize that. 5.12.2 can’t be used anymore, but the SDK still initializes for this customer. They just can’t join meetings. 5.16 doesn’t initialize. The question was about what changed with the initialization process between the two versions that causes initialize to fail for his customer?

@vuzix_greg ,

One thing I think of is on 5.14.10 onwards, we removed authentication using key and secret directly. You will need to sign a token using key and secret instead of passing them directly into the parameters from 5.14.10 onwards, which means this is similar for 5.16.x too.

Yes, we switched to JWT when the key and secret init APIs were removed. So we know that is not the issue.

@vuzix_greg are we able to capture the SDK log for 5.16 SDK which are unable to initialize?

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Let me see if I can get that for you. I will have to provide the customer with an APK that has the SDK debug flag enabled.

@chunsiong.zoom I emailed the SDK log files to

@chunsiong.zoom so the email was rejected. So I created a created a support request (TS0447364). The request was immediately closed, but perhaps you can still access it? If there’s a better way to get you logs, let me know.

@vuzix_greg I’ll PM you for the logs

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