SDK minimum version policy clarification

We received the email about the SDK minimum version policy and are working to update our Android app. However, we noticed that after SDK v5.13.1.11014, you only support Android API 23 and higher. We still have active devices in the field running Android Lollipop (API 22). As of Nov 4th, your minimum supported SDK is 5.13.5. What can we expect to happen with our Lollipop devices? Will the SDK not initialize? Can we not join meetings? We need to set customer expectations. Can we continue to use the SDK at our own risk? Any clarifications would be appreciated.

Hi @vuzix_greg, I will look into this for you!


What will happen is that the SDK will not connect to the meeting. I can’t speak specifics but the SDK will use system features that are only found in compatible Android versions. You probably want to set the minimum version ( <uses-sdk>  |  Android Developers ) to be compatible with the SDK.


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