SDK v1.5 bad audio quality

SDK v1.5 introduces a change in audio quality that is very noticeable when having headphones / bluetooth speaker connected. The audio quality is quite bad. Is there a way to change that?

Which iOS Video SDK version?

Additional context
v1.3.2 has a much better audio quality.

Having an option to control the quality would be much appreciated:

Hello @rokgregoric ,

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To better clarify your issue, would you please describe more about the audio quality difference that you’ve found? (E.g. audio is crunchy)


bad - 8KHz - you are listening to an old mobile radio
good - 44KHz - HiFi audio

Hi Rok! Could you check the audio quality in v1.6.2 of the VideoSDK and see if it improves?

@kellyjandrews Thank you, I’ll give it a try and report back!

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