SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION using sendChatToGroup

I have two users chatting via a custom UI app built using Zoom meeting SDK

The host is able to send message to the other user but sometimes the normal user is not able to send message to host.

MobileRTCSDKError sendResult = inMeetingService.getInMeetingChatController().sendChatToGroup(MobileRTCChatGroup_All, "Message");


The host user of the meeting is calling the changeAttendeeChatPriviledge on the InMeetingServiceListener.onMeetingHostChanged event


Unfortunately I was not able to replicate this issue on a debug environment but only on the field with the released app.

What can cause the SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION error?

  • Zoom Meeting SDK Version [v5.12.2.9109]
    Host user
  • Device: [Samsung Galaxy A12]
  • OS: [Android 12]
    Other user
  • Device: [Samsung Galaxy Tab A7]
  • OS: [Android 11]

This issue is still present in Zoom Meeting SDK Version v5.13.10.12577

Any ideas?

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