sendChatToGroup returns MobileRTCSDKError.SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION

I am developing an application using Zoom sdk in custom UI mode
and I am trying to send a chat message to all users using the following code:

inMeetingService = ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService();
MobileRTCSDKError sendResult = inMeetingService.getInMeetingChatController().sendChatToGroup(MobileRTCChatGroup_All, "Message to all");

but the call is returning MobileRTCSDKError.SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION

This issue has started to happen after the zoom sdk update (from v5.7.1.1268 to v5.9.3.4273)
With the old sdk the same call is returning success and the message is properly sent to all users.

Digging a little bit in this problem I’ve found that with the new SDK (v5.9.3.4273) isChatDisabled is returning true (with the old one it is returning false)


I’ve tried also using the SDK v5.9.6.4777 but the problem is still present.

Is there anything special that has to be done for enabling chat with new SDK?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

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  • OS: [e.g. Android 12]

Hi @criva,

This error means that the current user who has joined the meeting through the SDK does not have permission to send chat messages. The meeting host would need to configure the meeting settings in order to enable all users to send chat messages in order for you to send messages programmatically.


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