sendChatToGroup returns SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION even if MeetingAttendeeChatPrivilege is set to everyone publicly and privately

I am experimenting an issue sending message via chat using Meeting SDK. Some users are unable to send chat messages. It happens sporadically and I have not yet find a clear way to replicate the issue.

I am using the following Meeting SDK call for sending the messages:

MobileRTCSDKError sendResult = inMeetingService.getInMeetingChatController().sendChatToGroup(MobileRTCChatGroup_All, "Message");

The call continuously returns SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION

The strange thing is that right after the error occurrence I checked the attendee chat permission using

InMeetingChatController.MobileRTCMeetingChatPriviledge meetingChatPriviledge = inMeetingService.getInMeetingChatController().getMeetingAttendeeChatPrivilege();

and it tells me that the permission is set to “Everyone_Publicly_And_Privately”

So it does not look as a chat permission issue.

Unfortunately I was not able to replicate this issue on a debug environment but only on the field with the released app.

Is Everyone_Publicly_And_Privately the correct permission setting?
Can you clarify in which cases the SDK can return the SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION?
How can I debug this kind of issues?
Are there any other things that I can check for investigating this issue?

I saw this issue since Zoom Meeting SDK v5.9.3.4273 up to v5.13.10.12577
I have not yet tried using the latest SDK version.

Device: Samsung Galaxy A41 (a41) (SM-A415F)
OS: Android 12

This is my code:

            MobileRTCSDKError sendResult = inMeetingService.getInMeetingChatController().sendChatToGroup(MobileRTCChatGroup_All,  msg);
            if (sendResult != MobileRTCSDKError.SDKERR_SUCCESS) {
                Timber.tag(TAG).e("Error sending MESSAGE chat message %s", sendResult.toString());
                InMeetingChatController.MobileRTCMeetingChatPriviledge meetingChatPriviledge  = inMeetingService.getInMeetingChatController().getMeetingAttendeeChatPrivilege();
                switch (meetingChatPriviledge) {
                    case Invalid:
                        Timber.tag(TAG).i("MeetingChatPriviledge: invalid");
                    case No_One:
                        Timber.tag(TAG).i("MeetingChatPriviledge: no one");
                    case Host_Only:
                        Timber.tag(TAG).i("MeetingChatPriviledge: host only");
                    case Everyone_Publicly_And_Privately:
                        Timber.tag(TAG).i("MeetingChatPriviledge: everyone publicly and privately");
                    case Everyone_Publicly:
                        Timber.tag(TAG).i("MeetingChatPriviledge: everyone publicly");

This is the log content:

2023-06-03 10:45:57.785 +0200 CEST Error sending MESSAGE chat message SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION
2023-06-03 10:45:57.79 +0200 CEST MeetingChatPriviledge: everyone publicly and privately

@criva ,

This is happening intermittently?
It would help if you are able to capture the log when it occurs, and send us the log file.


Yes it is happening intermittently but as soon as it starts to happen the user has to close the meeting and start another one to make the chat working properly again.

Unfortunately I am not yet able to replicate this issue in a debug environment so collecting the log can be a little bit challenging, especially because, in the release build of the app, the log is obviously disabled.

Can you clarify in which cases the SDK can return the SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION?

@criva ,

That might be a common error which covers multiple possibilities.
Without the logs, we can’t really confirm.

I’m deducing that there is high possibility SDKERR_NO_PERMISSION is thrown due to the user not having the correct rights, roles, or priviledge to do so.

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