Select a Different Default Camera When Multiple are Present

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We have a few classrooms with multiple cameras connected to the Teachers workstations, and it’s a bit frustrating that we can’t find a way to have Zoom startup and select a specific camera as the default before the user changes it.

Describe the solution you’d like

I would like there to be a config file, a registry setting, or some other kind of way for me to set which camera I want to be the default in Zoom for when a new user logs in to a computer. (But still let the teacher change the camera when they want to once they log in to Zoom)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

After checking multiple forums there is this misleading message “Change the default camera for Windows and Zoom will use that.” But there is no setting to do this.

  • You can’t go into control panel>choose “devices and printers”> and if you right click on a camera, you don’t get an option to set it as the default.
    -The other suggested option is to go into Device Manager to disable all cameras except the one you want to be the default is not a good solution either, since teachers need to be able to switch between cameras during a class.

Additional context

I’m more focused on the Windows side with this issue, but would appreciate a fix for both Mac and Windows.
Perhaps a way to select a camera, and if the camera isn’t present on the machine, then revert to the other default camera choice that Zoom used before.