Selecting between Zoom Video SDK and Zoom Meeting SDK

I want to have Zoom integration on my web app built on ReactJs (front end) and ASP.Net Core (backend) with the following features -

  1. Able to book an appointment between patient and doctor for a future time slot
  2. Patient receives a unique link to join the video consultation
  3. Doctor is able to start the video from the web app and can join the video from within the web app
  4. Patient & doctor converse on the video consultation using video/audio/chats
  5. After the consultation is over, we do not need the video for now, but good to have the support for the same.

basis on my understanding, I find that either we need to use Zoom Meetings SDK or Zoom Video SDKs.

Please help me understand whats best for my use case.


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum – I am happy to help here. Based on your requirement, it seems the Zoom SDK would be a good option for your use case. With Zoom Meeting SDK, you can use video/audio/chat video consultation. These features come out of the box so it will be less of a development lift. You can also leverage the Zoom Rest APIs to create meetings and programmatically receive or send a unique link for the Patient & doctor to join the video consultation. Below I’ve linked support documentation on getting started with Meeting SDK and Zoom Rest APIs. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions:


Create a Meeting SDK App

Zoom Rest APIs: Meeting

Video SDK and Meeting SDK comparison

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Thanks Donte for your reply. If I understand correctly, you mean to say that we use Zoom APIs to create meetings and share links and then use Zoom SDK to display the meeting within my app itself. Can you confirm if I am correct or am i missing something?

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That’s correct @ldc1 !

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