Send Preview Email/Add to Calendar to host?

I’m using the Zoom API to create a Zoom meeting on behalf of users who are not logged into Zoom at the time of meeting creation.

Using “schedule_for” and their user id. Is there a way to trigger “send me a preview email” to the host. Since they’re not in Zoom they don’t see the button to add the meeting to their own calendar. And since a host cannot be added as a registrant, I can’t use the create registant action to add them and trigger the confirmation email to them.

Solution needed to add the meeting to a host’s calendar when the meeting is scheduled on their behalf through the API.

Hey @sharoniab,

We do not have a way to send an email or calendar invitation when using the schedule_for property.

You will have to do this using a 3rd party API like SendGrid or a calendar API.


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