Zoom Assistant - Scheduled For Host emails not received


I’m scheduling meetings using a service account for various other licensed zoom users in my organization via an in-house API.

The work flow is:

  1. Attempt to Create the meeting with the “Scheduled For” setting set to the desired Host’s ZoomId
  2. If a 400 is received for the service account not being setup as an Assistant, then assign the service account as an assistant and retry
  3. Add additional attendees as registrants

We have the “When someone scheduled a meeting for a host” setting enabled and locked for all users at the Org level.

Sporadically the emails to the Host will not be sent despite the registrants receiving the email immediately.

We’ve been fighting this for a while now, any help would be appreciated. Happy to provide any additional necessary/relevant information!

Hi @nruggles
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you confirm with me if you are executing your workflow via API or are you doing this through the WebPortal?
If doing this via API could you confirm what endpoints are you calling and more details to this issue?