Sending PRTG Alerts to Zoom Chat

My team is in the process of migrating internal chat from Slack to Zoom chat.

We have a few integrations that are set up in Slack that looks like are not available in Zoom. One of these is PRTG alerts that we use for day to day system monitoring.

I checked with PRTG support to see if there is a supported way to send messages to Zoom chat, like they have Slack built in, but nothing is available.

they do have an Execute HTTP Action notification and I wanted to see if I might be able to use this to send Zoom Chat notifications from PRTG via Zoom Incoming Webhook.

These are the options available. I believe from reading the documentation that POST is required. I’ve done some python programming back in the day, but admittedly never learned how to work with webhooks. If anyone has any advise on if PRTG would work, or what programming language to start learning, I’d be grateful :smiley:

Anyone use anything besides PRTG for alerting and being notified in chat?