sending webinars registrants info to Hubspot list


I use Hubspot for my website, I want my participants register on zoom by clicking the webinars link on my website which will direct them to register for the webinar.

However, after my participants go and register, I want to send their info to my Hubspot list in order to use it for marketing, also I want to send the info of whoever attend it to my Hubspot list.

I have looked at the docuemnt about integration between Zoom and Hubspot, but it’s only about sending data from Hubspot to Zoom, but what I need is opposite, which is sending data from Zoom to Hubspot.

Your support team just told me that Zoom doesn’t offer both integrations.

So how can I do this? please help


You would be able to do this using the API. You would have to build an application that gets the attendees information then send it to Hubspot using their APIs.


I just built an app that can gets attendees information and send it to Hubspot using Zoom API and Hubspot API, how ever how can I make this to be automatic? so basically whenever someone register to my webinar in Zoom, automatically without human interaction, I wan to make an API call to zoom to get the info and send it to Hubspot.


Currently the best option is to setup something like a cron job that checks on an interval for attendees and runs your script.

We are working on improving the webhooks API and this would possibly be a event that we would add.