Zoom integration without using a webhook


we are using Hubspot for sending out registration information for zoom webinars. With the new security policy described in the following, we have problems to get attendee information back to our Hubspot.
This is what I got form the Zoom Support: As of March 1st, we had a policy change. The users who attended your meetings or webinar before this policy change emails were visible, If they were logged into their Zoom account, that email would then be displayed within reports. As part of our continuous efforts to implement best-in-class privacy and security practices for all users, starting March 1, 2022 Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports and Dashboards unless they meet any of the conditions listed below. Email addresses of users on your own account will continue to be shared with your organization, as usual. Unfortunately, because of privacy, there is no way to provide the email address of those participants since registration was not required. The message above was sent by email to notify users of this policy change. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/4416109814541-March-2022-FAQ-on-reporting-changes

So far we did it this way: the attendee registered via our landing page and agreed to all privacy rules. He then received a confirmation email from Hubspot. An hour before the event, we then sent out the webinar link from Hubspot (without a registration page / it was the generic link) and attendees then had to sign up with their name and email address direktly in the Zoom App (no registration). The Standard Zoom integration pushed back the attendees to Hubspot afterwards and we were able to send out follow up mailings. Now, we are not receiving the e-mail addresses anymore - but this is the primary key for Hubspot to sync contacts and to allocate which registered contact also participated in the webinar.
I followed the instructions on: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/215930143-Setting-Up-Hubspot-Integration#hubspotapikey

But our license does not allow to send webhooks (we do not have Operations Hub, which would cost us 662 € per Month !!!). I tried out the option to send the registrant to zoom via the Zoom addon option (which is available with the standard integration). After my test, the name and email address was correctly transferred from Hubspot to Zoom. The problem I have now is that I can’t get the personalized link from Zoom into HS, because I can’t configure this (that would be possible via the webhook, if I interpret the instructions correctly) or manually download the file including name, e-mail and personalized link from zoom (there is no option for this).

My problem now: I cant use the generic link - as soon as I turn on the registration, the registration page from Zoom is upstream and I would lead the attendees with this link not to the webinar but again to a registration from Zoom which of course we do not want (the attendee should not have to register twice). How do I get the personalized links (possibly without manually uploading) transferred to Hubspot? Is there a possibility to configure this in Zoom? We can not license Operations Hub with over 600 Euro per Month only for this use case…

I pray we find another solution :wink:

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