Hubspot to Zoom webhook now failing ; worked until recently to enroll contacts into webinars

Hi !

Up till recently, we were using a simple webhook to enroll our Hubspot contacts into our Zoom webinars. It was still working correctly in June 2023. We now have two webinars hosted and none are receiving the registrations although the process is exactly the same as before.

The process is as follows :

  • Hubspot detects when somebody fills out a specific form.
  • When they do, they get enrolled into a Workflow (automated process).
  • The Workflow has one “action”, of type “Send a webhook”, which makes a call to[webinar id] ; the action’ s properties are Method : POST ; Authentication Type : None ; Request body : Include all contact properties.

As I mentioned, this used to allow for contacts to be enrolled in the Webinar. Now the response we get is a “client error” ; basically the hook returns the HTML code to Zoom’s 404 page.

I don’t understand if something has changed in Zoom… I’m aware of the recent JWT change but I don’t see it affecting this specific process.

I’d love to at least get a sense, is that webhook indeed still valid ? Is it a Zoom problem or does it seem like a Hubspot problem ? Right now I don’t even know where to start looking. This came as a total surprise, right now we’re getting webinar registrations through Hubspot but they don’t get to Zoom, we need to figure this out quick to make sure the registrant get the invite.

Thank you for your help !

Hi @kevin.gagnon
Thanks for reaching out to us!

Could you please specify what event are you listening to from Zoom? Or are you making an API call to Zoom after receiving an event from HubSpot?

Can you share with me the request body that you are sending in case it is an API request to Zoom as well as the endpoint you are trying to reach?

Hi @elisa.zoom , thank you for your reply !

I’m not listening to any event from Zoom. The data transfer went completely one-way, from Hubspot to Zoom. Hubspot detects internally whenever somebody fills out a specific form, and when this happens, it sends an API call (in Hubspot they call it a webhook). The body of the request is very long, I don’t think I can list it all here, but here’s a screenshot showing what the first level looks like.

On the second level, the “properties” object has a huge array of properties, like so :

The endpoint we’re trying to reach is[webinar id]. Which, I think, is the weird part. I was told by somebody else, that this endpoint doesn’t exist anymore, and that there’s no documentation about it, but that it seems to have existed in the past. Which I can confirm, we’ve been using it for years.
Anyways, until recently, the endpoint above was set up to receive the object I described earlier, and create a registered contact under the webinar defined by [webinar id]. That’s the goal we are trying to reach : we’re not looking for a complex integration between the two platforms. We just need to be able to take a Hubspot contact, pass their name and email to Zoom, and enroll them into some webinar or other.

Thanks for your help, this is very curious ! :slight_smile:

Hi @kevin.gagnon
Thanks for the detailed information you shared with me.
So up until June, the endpoint[webinar id] was working for you, which is very strange because I have never seen that endpoint.
I assume you are using a Hubspot integration, if so could you share a link to its docs with me please so I can take a look into this and troubleshoot this