Separate Hotkeys for Mute/Unmute. (Hand also.) For Assistive hardware device development

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I am not a developer, but I need a feature that Zoom support was being worked on a full year ago!

I have developed an assistive hardware for the elderly etc which provides breakout buttons for muting and unmuting. Since the only way I can see to do this is keyboard emulation, I have to rely on the hotkeys, however, there are only TOGGLE keys. Since my device can’t see the current mute or hand status, which could have been changed by the host or mouse, it can only assume what the state is. This makes it impossible to make separate controls to turn mic ON, and to turn Mic OFF. (Same with Hand.)

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be great if there were, (even undocumented), extra hotkeys which provide separate controls for ONLY Mute ON, and Mute OFF. (And Hand UP, as well as hand DOWN.) This is 4 keys altogether. Any key modifiers will work…

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
All I have been able to do is assume the state of the Muting and Hand in the device, and act accordingly, however there is a constant problem when Hosts get involved, (Large organization…), and the device doesn’t know. So for example, the Host may put the hand down, and the device may think it’s still up, indicating this to the user. If the user asks the device to put the hand down, currently, the hand GOES BACK UP in Zoom, and the device thinks it’s down. The consequences for Muting are even more of a problem!!

Additional context
We spend 4 or 5 hours a week in large meetings of about 100 people in out location, however our organization, (Jehovah’s Witnesses), has thousands of these groups, just in North America, and Zoom is being used for them ALL right now. Our users include all ages and ability levels imaginable, as well as elderly people with Dementia. This device has the potential to simplify things for Many, Many people. It’s adoption has been greatly hindered by this problem. My operation is not for profit.