Server to Server App - restrict access to specific account


I am working with a client to setup a zoom integration with a custom LMS to be able to setup in person virtual training sessions. Our LMS would add registrants to meetings when a user register in our system for the course, and for the LMS needs to be able to pull reports of who actually attended and add/modify/delete meetings in zoom.

We thought the new Server to Server App would be the correct setup, however we are hitting scope issues.

First we created the App with our service worker, which then allows for scopes for admin access, and meeting:master. However, we do not want to give admin access, or access to manage every user in their Zoom Account, we just want to give access to a specific user that would be used for the LMS. We cannot use the standard oAuth, as the LMS needs to be able to do certain processes without a user logging in and authorizing the account.

How can we create a Server to Server App, that has the ability to manage meetings and registrants, and view reports, but only for a specific user and not for every user in the Account?


Hi @jonwarmington , you are not able to scope down to the point where your admin user only has access to API information for one user. As our platform currently stands, the admin permissions designated would allow them admin access across other users of the same account. Please let me know if this makes sense or if I’m misunderstanding.

Hey thanks for the reply. @gianni.zoom

Is there away as Server to Server to be linked to a single user and to manage that one user?


Sorry @gianni.zoom to be clear, what I need is for our application to be able to run the zoom app without a user interaction to authorize, and to be able to manage meetings, registrations, and reports on meetings for that single user.


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