Server-to-Server OAuth App to control users in a group

Can I build a Server-to-Server OAuth App to control users in a group? Including schedule meeting and view report

Hi @Alice

That is actually a great question, if the users in that group are part of the same account, then you should be able to do so.
Let me do some testing on my end to confirm and I will come back to you shortly


Dear Elisa,

I would like to let the OAuth App key to control specific group only.

Hi @Alice ,

Can you please confirm if those users in the specific group are a part of your same account?


Hi Gianni,


I would like to know how to set the role and access right for them to create Server-to-Server Oauth to develop application to control specific group.

Here is my setting.

For account:

He is Group Admin of Group – “HA10” include 7 members as follow

He is the member of role = “HA10 Admin” with following setting

I expect the result that he can use his server-to-server OAuth to control those 7 members.

But seems he can control entire users in master account.

Hi @Alice
I see what you mean!
Unfortunately if you create a Server-to-Server OAuth app and include the scopes groups:master, groups:read:admin and group:write:admin, the token will have access to all the users in the account

Dear Elisa,

How to set the app only to control the specific group?

Hi Alice @Alice
I do not think that’s possible, since the server to server app will give you access to all the account.


i know old topic - but very similiar question:
Is there any way to limitate permissions from s22 oauth to a group or single user?

Wished behavior:
App X can only manage meetings from users which are in group Y
App X can only manage meetings from user Y

Hi @jhentschel
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
Unfortunately, there is not a way to limit the access of a Server to Server Oauth app to a single group or user