Server-to-server oauth app

Good day everyone!

A department is requesting access to a vendor software Setup - Video Conferencing with Zoom Documentation ( via an server-to-server OAuth API. The requested permissions would grant access to all users, meetings, webinars, etc.

  1. Is there a way to limit the permissions for the server-to-server Oauth app to only a certain group of zoom users?

  2. Can a separate zoom account be created and added under the control of the main account?

  3. What does Zoom support recommend?


  1. The server to server OAuth app is an account level app:

a] if the developer of the app is an admin, then it will give access to all users details
b] if the developer is just a member, then it will give access only to that users detail.

  1. You can choose to have a master account / sub account[] setup in your zoom account if you want to give access only to a specific users from your account.