Server to Server OAUTH - limit Meeting access to only Meetings created through App

Is it possible to setup a custom App using Server to Server OAuthentication that has access to create Meetings and access the Meetings it has created, but doesn’t have access to other meetings within the Organization? Looking at the Scope options it seems to be everything or nothing, but I was hoping there was something I was missing regarding setting Scopes or otherwise setting permissions.


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Hi @sam.stern , the only way this is possible is if the S2S OAuth app creator is not an admin and is creating meetings for their own user.

They would make a POST request to {baseURL}/users/{me}/meetings and would need the scopes meeting:write and meeting:read create and view the meetings respectively.

Please also make sure the scheduling permissions are disabled for the user.

Let me know if this could work for your use case!


Thanks Gianni I will try that out!