Server to Server OAuth Integration with WordPress

The issue is:

Ive integrated the zoom wordpress plugin with my website https:// direct. mirren. com/

Enter the plugin license and created the zoom server to server oauth app and SDK integration and add the keys with my website but its not working
i’ve added the webinar into zoom and add the zoom webinar id in my website webinar, and on click of join webinar it says Bad Request
this is the error i see in browser inspect console : {success: false, result: ‘Could not find join url’, response: {…}, error: ‘Bad Request’}
It was working perfectly with JWT
But with OAuth it’s not working.

Can anyone help me in this please?


are you using a 3rd party plugin? I would recommend if that is so, to reach out to the wordpress plugin developer on this.

Hey Chun Siong,
Thankyou for your response.

I’m using the Zoom Wordpress Plugin which is the official zoom plugin for the wordpress so I don’t think so there is anything different i need to do with plugin developer. Even if needed then can you guide me on this.

@mirren can you give me the link to the wordpress plugin?