Adding scopes to OAuth server to server

I am attempting to create an OAuth Server to Server app and when I do so and try to connect to it, I get this response: “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [meeting:write, meeting:write:admin].”

However, when I look at the scopes for my app, those aren’t available.

I contacted the admin of our account and she enabled the server to server OAuth role like it describes here: - however I still cannot see those scopes.

What am I missing?

The user that hosts the application also needs the same permissions that the application uses on an ongoing basis.

To help troubleshoot, you can transfer the application ownership to an admin (available for OAuth applications, no longer available for Server-to-Server OAuth applications, so maybe create a temporary disposable OAuth application), have that user add the scopes, then visit the URL<appID> (where <appID> is the application ID from the URL of your application’s management pages) for instructions on where to grant each scope, then apply that to the user that hosts the application and transfer ownership back, and then that user can add the scopes to your application again. (This process is unfortunately clumsy because you can only see where to grant the scope after you’ve already added the scope. Maybe someone has a sample application ID that exercises all the scopes?)

To save you some trouble, the meeting:write:admin scope “View and manage all user meetings” is apparently in “User and Permission Management - Users”.