'setResolution' method is cause of the crash

There is an exception while I create several video elements and try to call setResolution: for each of those.
Note: without setResolution: method calling (for example when I use subscribeVideo: method instead) there isn’t an exception.

I have attached log file to this topic.

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?

Log files
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Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

Thanks for providing the SDK logs and sorry to hear you’re running into a crash. Can you please clarify the following while we look into this:

  • Are you seeing this after a set number of setResolution calls each time? If so, how many?
  • Are the video elements being set up immediately one after the other without any delay? Does this still happen if there is a delay between the setResolution calls?
  • Please provide the XCode crash log (it seems that only the encrypted SDK logs were included).


Hi @jon.lieblich

ok, I should check it.

Thanks, let me know once you’ve been able to check and we can continue investigating on our end. :slightly_smiling_face:

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