Zoom legal notices clarification when using meeting SDKs

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Latest (Windows SDK + Web SDK)

Clarification on zoom ui-notices Meeting SDK - UI Notices if the application is not a standard meeting application.

We are using zoom SDK to connect our existing application to a zoom meeting to read the raw audio (using Windows SDK or RTMP) and active speaker name (Using Web SDK). We are using a paid Zoom Pro account for this.

This existing application will not have any meeting participants capabilities such as talking to the microphone, reading zoom chat and other typical zoom meeting controls. It will be mainly used to connect and stream the audio from other participants (using Windows SDK or RTMP) while we displaying who is speaking using active speaker event (Using Web SDK).

So in that case what is the legal boundary implementing this legal notices such as The Active Apps Notifier MUST appear in the top-left corner of the meeting window. and other things listed in the official site above. Since there will not be a standard meeting participant connecting from this application with a meeting UI. Mostly a backend connection.

Also this application is an internal used application. Not a public facing one.

Appreciates your advices as we need to stick to the zoom guidelines provided to adhere to the compliancy expecting by zoom.

cc: @donte.zoom


Thank you for your question, @dinusha00! Generally, any application that accesses the audio and video content of a meeting or streams media into a meeting must meet the SDK requirements. For internal apps, there’s no need to publish to the Marketplace. Regardless, it’s important to inform participants about the processing of their data, especially when it involves audio and video content from meetings. This is not merely a suggestion, but a best practice we highly recommend for all apps, whether published or not. It helps safeguard user privacy and security, fostering trust among your meeting participants.

While it may not be relevant to your specific needs, others might find this information helpful. If you wish to modify those elements for public-facing sessions, we suggest using the Video SDK. However, be aware that the Video SDK does not connect to Zoom Meetings. With the Video SDK, you can design the virtual meeting user experience to your liking.

Keep in mind, that the SDK only works for meetings between users within the same Zoom account. If you wish to use it with users from other Zoom accounts, you’ll need to publish your application. To learn more, please see our support documentation below:

Zoom SDK App Requirements

Meeting Bots: Accessing Media Streams

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Thanks @donte.zoom for the info!

We will check these points and follow the best practices to stay within the expected standards.

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You’re welcome, @dinusha00 – happy coding!