setVirtualBackground not Setting Backgorund

I’m leveraging setVirtualBackground to set a virtual background for my users when they enter a breakout room. However, in my local and prod testing, it appears I’m never prompted to accept the new background and no new background is set for me as a user sent to a breakout room.

I also leverage removeVirtualBackground when a user leaves a breakout room. That prompt is working fine. Does anyone have any ideas on what may be the issue? I’d be really appreciative if someone can give me some tips on what to look for and/or would like to help me resolve this defect of mine offline.

I’m new to SWE and also new to using the Zoom API / Zoom Apps, but I’m eager to make use of all this platform has to offer for a project I’m working on.

@luke3 Hope you will be fine.

Please dm me here so that we can discuss this. Thanks

This is resolved now -thanks


I’m glad to hear the issue is now resolved!