Share App Market place ammong company users

I have 3 users under my company account.

I have an app on App Market and I want to share this credential among this 3 users.
Is it possible (I will explain better…) ?

We have a mobile app, that our clients can schedule 2 types of meeting, a production meeting and some test meeting.

This production meeting, is under our main user which has the app on App Market.
We would use this App Market credentials on this other meetings created by this other users.

Is there a way to do that?

Hey @eduardo-souza,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

To clarify, it sounds like you’d like for all the users under your account to be able to leverage an existing app, is that right? And if so, is this app published on our Marketplace, or is this a private app you’ve created yourself?

If you’ve developed a private OAuth app, you can have users on your account install this in order to to be able to generate meetings under your account.

Let me know if I’m understanding correctly so far. Thanks!

That´s right. Do I have to add some special config under this users? Or all of them inherit the parent privilege?

Hi @eduardo-souza,

Is this a user level or account level OAuth app? If it’s a user-level app, the users should be able to install the app under their own user profile to be able to leverage your integration. If it’s account level, you can install the app on behalf of users on your account in order for them to be able to leverage the integration.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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