Zoom integrations in a platform

I’m looking to see if were able to integrate zoom into our platform. We have built out a COMMUNITIES feature that allows individuals to communicate and educate their community. Were looking to see if each Leader of their community is able to integrate zoom so there’s a seamless transition. Though there still on the platform, each community would be able to use their individual zoom accounts.

The easiest way to describe this would be (Facebook Groups)… in this case the owner of that group would be able to have their zoom in their individual community.

Hi @bstraza ,

Are you thinking of having the Zoom UI live on your platform? If so, our Web SDK could be a good option. Are the community members Zoom users under your platform’s Zoom account?

Yes in regards to the UI on the platform.

We were wanting each community user to be able to have their own zoom account.

I was just checking back in on your question / my answer ;)… any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you’re looking to integrate with users under different Zoom accounts you’ll want to publish an OAuth App to our Zoom Marketplace.

This enables users to see what you app is requesting access to and authorize it accordingly.

Let me know if that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Max… thank you for a starting point. I’m the founder / idea person behind the platform we built but my devs are the ones making it happen. Are you saying that if they follow the code on the above link, they should be able to figure it out. They were able to get it “integrated” into our platform but as it’s community based, we wanted each community to be able to connect their own zoom and keep a seamless transition from inside the platform w/ zoom

@bstraza , yes this is the correct understanding!

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